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Your property or your business is most likely the most valuable asset you own. Make sure they are in the right hands. Whether you are buying or selling, renting or leasing, or just need some consultation on how to make your next move, the Pellegrino & Pellegrino law firm is here to provide you with the proper solutions. 

We will take the appropriate steps to transfer the ownership of a residential or commercial property or business under applicable law. If you are working with a real estate agent or broker, we are available to review your purchase and sale agreement before you sign it. If you do not have a real estate agent, we will draft the contract for you and negotiate it on your behalf. We will guide you through the process of the due diligence, financing, and inspection stages of the contract.

Buying? We will examine the title to the property and explain any obstacles or rights you may have. We also prepare all the closing figures and adjustments while explaining everything to you throughout the process.

Selling? We prepare all the closing figures and adjustments and draft the deed and conveyance tax statements. It is important we take the appropriate steps to insure your mortgage will be paid off and released properly.  


Types of Real Estate matters we handle:

Commercial and residential

Mortgage financing and leases




Business Transactions



Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Real Estate Matters

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+ When is the best time to involve my attorney in my transaction?

The earlier, the better. Certainly do not sign any contracts without a prior attorney review.

+ Can my attorney also represent my lender?

Yes, in many cases we can represent the lender for the same fee without additional charge.

+ What is the role of my attorney at the closing?

To ensure that the financial numbers are correct and the documents are explained to you in a detailed manner.

+ Will my attorney be available to answer questions that may arise after the closing?

Yes, once we close your transaction we are always available for additional discussion should questions arise.


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